Emergency Stove Review.

By on October 6, 2014

Stove In A Can

Emergency Stove Review: Stove In A Can

So you have been prepping for a while and have a good supply of emergency food stored, but do you have a companion emergency stove stored with your food? Even if you have nothing but food that is already cooked and ready, you are going to need a way to boil water and heat the food during a blackout. You need a good, no-fuss emergency stove…like Stove In A Can.

Stove In A Can Description

Put into simplest terms; it’s a stove built into a can that has everything you need to operate  including the fuel and matches to light it. Everything that you need is included in the can!

Stove In A CanWhat is Included?

  • The Can which is the heart of the stove.
  • 4 fuel cells that burn for around an hour each.
  • The cooking ring.
  • The fuel ring.
  • The cooking lid.
  • Matches


Stove In A Can Features

This self-contained unit that has the ability to be set-up and heating/cooking in under a minute. The 4 included fuel cells burn hot and long, and will burn well in even extreme weather.


  • Everything is self-contained in the can. The sooty mess stays in the can, so that no messy cleanup is needed.
  • The fuel cells are waterproof. Even after soaking for hours, all you need to do to light them is wipe off the water.
  • The fuel cells are solid and non-toxic. There is no danger of spilling a toxic liquid or gel fuel.
  • Each fuel cell burns for about an hour and can boil water in as little as 5 minutes. When you no longer need the fire, simply snuff it out with the stoves lid. You can re-use the fuel cells over and over again.
  • The fuel cells have an indefinite shelf life. They will probably be just as good decades from now as they will be when you purchase them.


  • It makes a black soot. It is easily contained inside the can though. Any soot that does get on the outside of the can (like the upside down lid if you used it as a stove top) is easily cleaned with a damp rag.
  • The matches that are supplied aren’t the best. I suggest you replace them with UCO StormProof Matches

Stove Operation

It is so very easy to use. There are two metal pieces inside the can. The larger one is the cooking ring and is used inside the cans rim to hold up the pot. I like to use the cans lid upside-down on top of the cooking ring to hold up smaller pots. The smaller piece of metal needs to be bent into a coil to raise up the fuel cell. Watch this video for a good demo of the stove in action:


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