Every Survival Kit Needs A Water Purifier.

By on November 12, 2014

MIOX Water Purifier

By Team DIY Survival Life

We are always on the look out for good quality gear and the Miox water purifier did not disappoint.

I was skeptical at first but after some practice I’ve become very attached to my little MIOX purifier. Its about the size and weight of a mini-Mag Light. I’ve tried iodine and chlorine tablets in the past, but I’ve always ended up filtering my water a second time to a Nalgene bottle to get the taste out. I was initially turned off by the smell of the MIOX too. It’s very strong for about 10 minutes as it off gases, but after the required 30 minutes of “dwell time” it’s virtually undetectable in a 100 oz. reservoir.

I’ve been using the MIOX pen mostly as a backup. It runs on CR123 Lithium batteries and salt. It took some practice to get the water in the salt chamber filled and the solution to travel back through the screen to the diode. There are a couple screw caps and several ways the task can be done. But I can fill my reservoir, treat my water, and get my reservoir back in my pack in about a minute now. I pre-filter my water if it’s really cloudy or stagnant.

The pen has multiple settings for different volumes of water. I use a 3L Nalgene bladder with the fist sized screw cap. Spare salt, test strips and a stuff sack come with it, but I carry none of them. A full salt chamber is good for about 12 doses. The rest is extra weight to me. The MIOX was developed for military applications with assistance from Darpa. Cascade Designs (parent company of MSR, Thermarest and others) partnered with the MIOX corporation to develop an entirely new type of portable water purification. I’ve been using one for 2 years now and have never encountered any problems. Thousands are in use by US and allied troops around the world. I’m convinced it’s sound technology and a useful survival tool. When I’m not hiking it stays in my glovebox with a 2L reservoir.

MIOX Water Purifier

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